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There's lots new happening, and I want to know what you think! Have a new "ISM" or want to know more about the book or podcast? Let me know!
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The Book
Coming out in early 2016 and you can start . . .
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Inside Scoop
Over 26 years of performing & speaking . . .
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New "ISMS"
This is one of my favorite parts of LIFE! I began . . .
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What's New
How would you like to make your next . . .
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The Book
Coming out in early 2016 and you can start reading it NOW!

No, seriously!

For my followers ONLY I am going to begin posting portions of the book on my site.

Every few weeks I will post a new chapter or two for my friends to read and comment. We may even send a set of new chapters to those who request it.

Start looking on September 23rd (that‘s my birthday and the birth of my first corporate book)!

Here's the Scoop
What the book is about!

Over 26 years of performing and speaking I have met hundreds of the most successful people in our country. Champion athletes and coaches, corporate Icons, and the best of the best in too many fields to count. I always seem to have a time to simply talk to them and I love asking them what makes them successful. They normally have a canned answer (Hard work, good team or support etc.).

Then I ask, “If you knew ONE truth or principle “back then” that you know now what would you want it to be?”

They always seem to answer with a story and the stories are nothing short of life changing.

I would take their answers and apply them to my life immediately and they work! They REALLY work. I began to notice that these stories and principles fell into one of 4 categories. They were not natural traits or unattainable talents. They were... Decisions. 4 Critical Decisions to be exact, that when made on a regular basis no matter what area of life they produce success... Not magic, not secrets. Simple decisions.

Visit on September 23rd to begin discovering what those decisions are!

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The Newest Isms
This is one of my favorite parts of LIFE! I began noticing these wonderful mis-speaks when I was engaged and began to share them on stage a few months after we got married (With her permission of course). Ever since then I LOVE getting emails, after show examples and notes from all over the country from people who know others who are infected with the ISMS infection. Here are some of my favorites since the last newsletter.
My lovely wife . . .

actually said this one after an indecisive spell of trying to figure out where to go for dinner...

“Houston, we have a PLAN.”

That dinner was destined to be a disaster.

A friend told me . . .

how he had impressed the girl he was dating and felt really good about himself and his accomplishment until, with admiring eyes, she expressed how earnestly impressed she was...

"You never SEEM to amaze me!"

He told me the relationship CEASED soon after that.

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Mother-daughter day at the spa and mall . . .

The relaxing afternoon had obviously relaxed mom’s brain too much. She, to her daughter’s horror, told the entire waiting room,

“I just had my first pedophile in almost a year and it was wonderful . . ."

The entertainment is that she had no clue what she had actually said. Nor, why the Police were called . . .

One evening, we were out with friends . . .

and the couple, well our senior, told us of their week of late nights. My wife proclaimed with an impressed tone,

“Aren’t you just a couple party OWLS!

They did stay up late, and technically an owl is an animal. Thus, they are party animals.

I had surgery . . .

on my knee and not long after saw a friend from the gym who was shocked at how well I was getting around. He exclaimed,

“You must have had MICRO-scopic surgery!”

So either the doctor was really small or the arthroscopic surgery was a success.

Do you have a great ism to share?

Be sure to keep your ears open and share them with the rest of us. Send them to me (! Put ISMS in the subject line and follow me on Twitter (@kennkington) or Facebook (Kenn Kington) and watch to see if your pops up.

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So, What's New?
How would you like to make your next purgatory in traffic actually enjoyable? How about make your next bout with the treadmill something to look forward to?!?

I have an answer!

I dread both and have decided to do something about it! Actually a couple friends of mine are doing something about it and invited me to be a recurring part of the fun. No, it is not a multilevel weight loss pyramid scheme. No, it does not cost anything. Yes it is actually HELPFUL. Podcast, streaming, Youtube.

Download, upload, or if you are really OLD SCHOOL listen to the radio (AM 970 in ATL)... So here is the deal: Laugh your butt off, fill your heart up and experience some lasting JOY and learn a little something that will immediately help some part of life and inject your day with FUN!

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Quick History
How‘d this thing get started?

My friends Dan Ratcliff & Rick Probst have started a great talk show called Faith Talk. I was invited to be a guest a few weeks ago and loved it! I have done literally hundreds of radio shows and they are normally OK, fun, and a good way to let folks know I am in their town. But this one blew me away!!! We laughed immediately and hard, we introduced a topic of common frustration and laughed even harder and had so much fun we didn’t want to go to commercial.

Then I got to share, not only a bit of comedy but where it came from and what I learned from it and how God does this to me all the time. We got honest, laughed some more and stood there in awe of what just happened. A couple weeks later we met for lunch and decided to make it a regular gig. Check out the link below to listen to the very first show!

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Join Me for Faith Talk

So starting in September I will be posting a special link on my website for the Faith Talk programs . Check one out, pass it on to a friend or two and let me know what you think.

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