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“Would you ever consider . . . ?”

Over the past couple decades some of my favorite events have started by being asked a couple of questions: “Would you ever consider…?” Or, “Have you ever thought of doing…?” If you can dream it we can do it. Some of the best ideas have come from people with a simple vision and willingness to make it happen. If you have one of those ideas PLEASE share it with me.

Once or twice a year I get to be a part of something unusual and totally different. The vast majority of the time it is a raging success… What is your idea?


KENN equips teams with the tools they need for better communication.


KENN loves partnering with organizations and being a part of their mission.


KENN has a unique ability to fit any corporate setting.

Motivate & Inspire

A team that is excited is a team that performs well — KENN uses comedy & humor to encourage and relate to teams

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