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KENN is one of the most popular Comics on XM radio and performs regularly across the country, but KENN is so much MORE than a comedian.


KENN has spoken to hundreds of companies giving amazing focus in the midst of change, maximizing productivity, developing record-breaking product launches, but there’s MORE.  Yes, KENN was also a top 10 salesman in a Fortune 500 growth company, so KENN is MORE than a motivator.


KENN has written two bestselling books on relationships and records a regular radio show/podcast that inspires thousands to experience life to the fullest. Yet, KENN is MORE than simply inspirational.

When you hear KENN, rest assured you will be entertained, encouraged, challenged and inspired but the greatest benefit is that YOU will leave with more hope, clarity, insight and motivation to experience true success and significance.

Hearing KENN is truly a unique experience and will leave you wanting even… MORE!!


KENN has a unique ability to fit any corporate setting.


KENN delights his audiences around North America with good, clean fun.


KENN equips teams with the tools they need for better communication.


KENN loves partnering with organizations and being a part of their mission.


Work with KENN’s team to design the perfect event for your organization.


KENN is a regular visitor on Faith Talk Live.

Want KENN for Your Next Event?